If you’re looking to create a particle mix that will give results every time then you can’t do without a can or two of Bait-Tech’s Super Seed Canned Hemp. This is a hemp seed mix which is guaranteed to get fish interested in your swim and it is able to be incorporated into any number of loose feed or groundbait mixes with ease. This Bait-Tech Super Seed Canned Hemp is completely ready to use – all you need is a can opener and you are good to go! This is because it is pre-cooked, so you don’t have do any of the work. The benefits of this pre-cooked bait are much wider than simply saving you time at home, however. This bait is cooked in the can, which ensures that it retains all the fantastic essential oils and attractants that fish love so much. If you were to cook hemp seed at home, you would loose a huge amount of this in the water in which you cook the hemp. Another added benefit of this form of cooking means that the hemp seed retains its natural freshness, meaning that Bait-Tech don’t have to add in any preservatives. This has the side effect of ensuring that this bait is an environmentally friendly baiting option which isn’t going to leave any nasty residue in the water – only delicious hemp oils.

Bait-tech Super SEED Hemp


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