Waiting to Spawn

Updated: May 26, 2020

And so into the middle of May, beginning of June. The Bream and the other fish have now spawned and we are still waiting on the carp spawning in both lakes. The result of this is average weights across both lakes. This said winning weights are still up to and over 100lb in each lake from the open 12-6pm matches with many good throughout in all matches. The team events on a Saturday and Sunday which normally run from 10-4 are producing average winning weights around the 80lb mark so not bad for pre spawning times.

The baits doing most of the damage have been a bed of green / red groundbait / micros and red dead maggot in the margins as well as sweet corn with flavourings. In the open water it has been 6mm pellet with 4mm over the top. The fish are feeding well and want bait.

On Cherry Lake the F1s up to 7lb have been prominent at 10/12mtrs on 6mm pellet or corn at 6/8 inch and slapping.

From Chestnut the bream have been very active with some good weights coming out at well over 50lb and these are worth having if the carp are being a little temperamental. These are being caught in the margins and in open water. The carp are from the margins and corners of read beds at 14mtrs or so on 6mm pellet.

We are now begging for a few days of consistent weather to get the spawning down for this year and the feeding back on the go.

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