New Aeration system

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

August saw us invest further into our fishery with the introduction of a new aeration system (See below) to go along with the bore hole to futureproof both Cherry and Chestnut lakes. The bore hole will assist Chestnut in the dryer months with topping up the shallower areas and the new aeration system will not only help with the oxygen levels throughout summer but also assist in moving the ice in winter for our anglers to continue to fish.

After the late spawning and low levels of oxygen over a few weeks we are now seeing some constancy of weights coming out of both lakes.

Still the same baits are fishing well as they have been all year in both lakes, hard pellet, sweet corn, dead reds with paste now doing well in Chestnut and hard and soft pellet, sweetcorn ad paste also still doing well in Cherry.

I would say to all fishermen that ask, fish what you are comfortable with in bait and method, this has been a funny year with allsorts winning matches including the likes of mussel, worm and caster (already), paste, live maggots (plenty) winning some weeks.

With the weather now cooling off the F1s and carp are fast disappearing from the shallows so different winter methods will soon be with us.

For the first time we will be running opens as normal on Tuesdays on Cherry and Thursdays on Chestnut throughout winter. We will also be introducing a winter league on Sundays from November if we can get numbers - if not we will just run opens throughout the weekends too.

We will continue to feed the carp to keep them feeding and moving all winter and as all of our anglers have seen this year we have plenty of F1's and a multitude of silvers to go at if the carp are not playing on some days. We may also introduce some fun days as we go along, eg pole only, feeder only, silvers only etc etc so keep an eye on our Facebook page.

Happy fishing everyone.

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