Chestnut lake complete

With the weather being so mild, we are pleased to say that Chestnut Lake is now ready for the new season. The water levels have been replenished, all pegs have been refurbished and pruning has been done.

We are now well on with peg strengthening on the smaller Cherry Lake. Please note that we have moved peg one to where peg 27 used to be and taken the old peg 1 out completely along with the aerator. Peg 1 now is the first peg down the right hand side and if drawn now has the benefit of the complete corner plot to the left. (Then its up the wind direction!!).

Note, the aerator will be replaced if necessary as and when oxygen levels require usage).

Due to a number of requests this year, we have decided that from 2019 we are to open both lakes for matches all year round and are now taking bookings rapidly for 2019 and 2020. If you have not booked please call us as soon as you can so we can fit you in.

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