Cherry Lake

Cherry Lake Island has now been cleaned up and all pegs have been refurbished ready for the new season to commence with the open match on Tuesday 5th March.

We are also in the process of cutting the left hand conifers to allow more light and heat to the lake and anglers who draw pegs 5-12 will now have sun on their backs. This should also warm the water up throughout the year thus enabling better weights.

We are looking forward to meeting all of our local open match anglers on Tuesdays on Cherry, Thursdays on Chestnut and the new popular open matches to commence on Cherry on a number of Saturdays throughout the year, the first one being the 9th March. These dates can be picked up from the cabin and are on a first come first serve basis as we limit to 15 anglers on open matches on this lake.

So all signs are now up around the lakes and we are now ready for the fun to begin.

We look forward to seeing all soon.

Carol and Nigel

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