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July has seen the carp spawning for a second time and the weather being unpredictable. The match results have thus been very inconsistent. There has now been any one method of catching on any lake, with the higher weights coming from shallow slapping and mugging on some of the sunnier days. Bream and other fish are still very prominent along with a steady catching of carp.

We have had many teams with us so far in July and all have had a great day with us, all anglers have caught around the lake with really no golden areas, the winning weights have been scattered across the lakes, which is great to see.

On Friday July 12th we had our first cancer charity match with "CEF Cares" where 49 anglers attended. With anglers ranging from very experienced to novices and a good age spread, all had a great day with us on both lakes. The total raised was an impressive £1150.00 so well done and thank you to all that attended. A big shout out to Paul Finney and his dad for their organisation of the event.

We are now hoping that the fry all get eaten as quick as possible and the carp can start feeding properly on pellet instead of a mix of alternatives such as mussel, dead reds, dobbing bread (should be winter!), shallow, margin, mid water and far reads, pole /waggler / feeder. I think that just about sums up this unusual year so far. All ask me whats working best and its so tricky at present.

We have added Ringers to our existing bait ranges of So Simple and BaitTech from the cabin and we are soon to add worms and casters. The full range can be seen on our website and all anglers are welcome to pre order before matches or click and collect for all matches wherever you are fishing. This includes canal anglers where the "So Simple" flavoured groundbaits, pellets and boos juices have been doing exceptionally well.

Thank you

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