Catch Reports - April

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Weights in April so far across both lakes has been erratic.

In Chestnut, winning weights have ranged from 70lb upwards to 128lb with the water and air temperature varying throughout the month resulting in carp going missing at times. The normal flying pegs 7,8, 37 have done well on most opens and club matches although there has been some surprises along the way. Bait being used due the cold weather has been very much winter based with Sweet Corn with Scopex along with red dead maggot and bread giving good result around the lake feeding with the Swanlands feeders and 4mm. The bream have certainly been showing and they are growing, now most being around the 1lb - 1.5lb mark. This week was the first week that soft and hard pellet for some gave a few rogue carp. The carp as normal late in the day are now starting to hit he margins.

On Chestnut again the winning weight have been varied from 60lb up to 95lb. The smaller F1s are showing well and if you can get through these and the ide the larger F1s are now showing up to 4lb. Now the later open matches have started the last 2 hours have seen the introduction of the larger carp in the margins bringing weights up in the latter stages of matches, this on hard pellet.

Winning pegs have varied across the lake with wind assisting the larger carp moving to pegs with this in the face.

The baits prominent so far have been red dead maggot, bright coloured wafters and corn with scopex. Hard pallet this last week has been again starting to work as well. I am sure once the temperature increases over the coming weeks the likes of hard pellet and paste with standard pellet feed will take over as normal.

We are very much looking forward to the water temperatures rising in the coming weeks where we will see both lakes weights improving massively.

We look forward to seeing all teams over the coming weeks and months.

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