Open Matches

We hold open matches every Tuesday  and Thursday. Both matches are very popular so it is essential that you book on in advance, Matches are advertised on both the Swanlands Match Info and Swanlands Fishing Lakes facebook pages, just add your name in the comments or call us to reserve a peg.

Draw takes place at 10.45am, fishing 12pm to 6pm. Pools are £15 with an optional £5 super pools.

Please read all of our rules before booking on and also note the additional rules for open matches:

Maximum pole length of 16m,

If there is a spare peg next to you then you can fish up to the nearest edge of the adjacent platform adjacent to you.

Open Match Results 

September Festival

Cherry Lake

31st October

1st John Holvey 55lb 6oz peg 22

2nd Bernie Larder 52lb 5oz peg 6

3rd Oli Hall 39lb 11oz peg 8

27th October

1st Bob Rymer 71lb 6oz peg 6

2nd Paul Hemmingham 66lb 13oz peg 8

3rd Neil Rymer 61lb 4oz peg 16

20th October

1st Paul Hemmingham 64lb 12oz peg 6

2nd Steve Hall 61lb 7oz peg 2

3rd Eric Strutt 57lb 6oz peg 24

13th October

1st Richard Taylor 69lb 5oz peg 8

2nd Neil Rymer 40lb 2oz peg 2

3rd Paul Hemmingham 35lb 1oz peg 6

10th October

1st Dave Richardson 68lb 03oz peg 24

2nd Jake Hall  50lb 8oz peg 23

3rd Nick Atkinson 42lb 08oz peg 8

Chestnut Lake

28th October

1st Neil Rymer 54lb 5oz peg 6

2nd Andy Rymer 38lb 9oz peg 38

3rd Adam Lever 36lb 6oz peg 8

15th October

1st John Bell 57lb 10 oz peg 30

2nd Mark Firth 44lb 11oz peg 39

3rd Paul Wilkinson 37lb 6oz peg 8

8th October

1st Andy Rymer 40lb 6oz peg 1

2nd Tony Green 37lb 13oz peg 43

3rd Gary Jewell 31lb 8oz peg 32

1st October

1st Mark Firth 42lb 15oz peg 41

2nd Gavin Major 38lb 2oz peg 39

3rd Tony Green 35lb 2oz peg 34

Our second festival of the year was held 23rd to 25th September and saw 32 anglers compete in 3 sections rotating between different areas of the lakes.

With the weather earlier in the week taking on an autumnal feel it and with winds in excess of 30mph it certainly made conditions challenging for all and lead to a tight competition.

Going into the final day there were 5 anglers with just 4 points and a further 16 with it all to play for.

Congratulations to Mick Shanks for winning with 6 points and a total weight of 257lb 11oz, Martin Makin for second place also with 6 points and a total weight of 161lb 9oz and third place Mark Bexton with 7 points and total weight of 209lb 14oz.

It was great to welcome all anglers to Swanlands and we would like to say a heart felt thank you to you all for supporting us in this difficult year.

Next year we will be holding festivals in May and August, more details will be posted in due course.

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