Open Matches

We hold open matches every Tuesday  and Thursday. Both matches are very popular so it is essential that you book on in advance, Matches are advertised on both the Swanlands Match Info and Swanlands Fishing Lakes facebook pages, just add your name in the comments or call us to reserve a peg.

Draw takes place at 10.45am, fishing 12pm to 6pm. Pools are £15 with an optional £5 super pools.

Please read all of our rules before booking on and also note the additional rules for open matches:

Maximum pole length of 16m,

If there is a spare peg next to you then you can fish up to the nearest edge of the adjacent platform adjacent to you.

Open Match Results 

Cherry Lake

8th September

1st John Pearson 88lb 9oz peg 24

2nd Oli Hall 37lb 8oz peg 2

3rd Paul Wilkinson 34lb 15oz  peg 19

1st September

1st Wayne Nock 68lb 15oz peg 24

2nd Phil Chapman 60lb 11oz peg 16

3rd John Bell 59lb 11oz  peg 13

31st August

1st Phil Chapman 87lb peg 2

2nd Adam Lever 66lb 8oz peg 5

3rd Andy Barker 60lb 4oz  peg 23

25th August

1st Oli Stringer 99lb 15oz peg 24

2nd Chris Remmer 66lb 1oz peg 13

3rd Phil Chapman 54lb 11oz  peg 10

Chestnut Lake

10th September

1st Chris Baldwin 124lb 5oz peg 37

2nd Tony Green 113lb 11oz peg 10

3rd Paul Wilkinson 111lb 3oz peg 40

1st September

1st Rich Bloomfield 98lb 7oz peg 8

2nd Tony Green 96lb 15oz peg 41

3rd Paul Wilkinson 73lb 8oz peg 25

31st August

1st Neil Rymer 128lb 7oz peg 19

2nd George Barby 113lb 15oz peg 41

3rd Steve Hall 99lb 1oz peg 8

27th August

1st Bob Rymer 110lb 9oz peg 8

2nd Neil Rymer 107lb 10z peg 21

3rd Paul Wilkinson 85lb  peg 41

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